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Bunga Raya

Derived from the Malay word for hibiscus, bunga raya became an official symbol of love for the birth of our nation. The bunga raya literally means “celebratory flower”, symbolising the celebration of unity in a multicultural nation to which the hotel opens its arms too.

As the tropical hibiscus blooms, its petals grow indicating a brand-new start – a turn of a new leaf and the promise to continuously enhance the offering brought along with the management of Raia Hotel. The five conspicuous petals of the flower represent the five core principles of Raia Hotel – Proactiveness (initiative and instinctive value to achieve company wide objectives), Respect (to demonstrate high regard to our team members, guests, stakeholders and our communities, Integrity (to demonstrate sound moral, honesty, fairness in all dealings, law-abiding, trustworthy and accountability), Committed (dedicated and achieve company-wide objectives with value driven behaviour), Excellence (strive towards delivering promise and expectations)